” I was sooo skeptical about coming to see you, however, It was the best thing I did. It’s such a good feeling not being controlled by something so awful. A couple of days after the session I could say with complete conviction that I would never smoke again and 12mths down the track I’m still not smoking. And it’s EASY. Thankyou”
Ellen – SA

“I am sorry that I did not come way sooner. Everyone at work that has quit smoking because of your treatment says the same thing. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thanks Tony.”
RW – Marino, SA

“I feel so much better with no coughing in the morning and even my breathing is better. I have no shortness of breath after climbing stairs anymore and I know this is just the beginning.”
Justine – Adelaide, SA

“At first I was quite skeptical as I had tried for many years to quit smoking but always went back to it. You have now given me all the tools I need to remain smoke free for the rest of my life. I can’t thank you enough.”
TG – Prospect, SA

“I’m so happy to be smokefree. This was a huge burden in my life and my health was really starting to suffer.
This is exactly the help that I needed to quit smoking for good.”
AH – Port Lincoln, SA

“I was so surprised it actually worked for me as I was pretty skeptical. I had quit smoking cold turkey before and it was really stressful experience and I was so irritable. I expected much the same with this but this was so completely different.”
Keith – Salisbury, SA

“Smoking used to rule my life where I always thought about my next smoke break. I am no longer embarrassed to be stinking of smokes when I get to work or the gym. I am now well on my way to a much healthier life.”
TP – Salisbury Heights, SA

“I had tried patches, gums, Champix and cold turkey over the years but nothing ever worked long term. I heard about you from a work colleague and thought it was worth a try as she used to be a pack a day smoker for over 30 years. It’s been just over 4 months now and I never even think of a smoke. Thanks heaps.”
OM – Dernancourt, SA

“I am writing to say thanks for your session which helped me stop smoking. I had smoked for over twenty five years and an average 25 cigarettes per day. I was amazed to have had no cravings even when drinking or when other people were smoking. Thanks so much”
BH – Darwin, NT

“I look better and feel better. My skin has cleared already and I know I smell better. With your help, I know that now I can live a healthier life style instead of going to an early grave.”
MD – Box Hill, Victoria

“I attended your stop smoking session last Tuesday, and am happy to report that everything is going to plan. I am very confident that I will never smoke again. I cannot begin to thank you enough for helping me to stop smoking.”
KG – Caloundra, QLD

“I am happy to let you know that I am definitely now a non-smoker. I have become a new man since attending your quit smoking session on Wednesday the 16th March. I am achieving more of the goals that I had set for myself in lots of different areas. Now I feel like I have never been a smoker. After leaving that session I just knew I would never smoke again.”
LB – Whyalla, SA

Quit Smoking Adelaide
or email Tony Fox directly tony@quitsmokingadelaide.com anytime 7 days a week

“I needed to quit smoking and had tried lots of methods. I heard of your quit smoking method through a friend of a friend who had used your services and had successfully quit for over 6 months.
I was apprehensive about the whole process and wondered whether it would work for me or not. The first day after the session I was a bit emotional and felt like I had lost an old friend but didn’t feel like having a cigarette. With the tools and techniques that you gave me I was able to use them if a little craving came and coped with it no worries. Considering I used to smoke at least a pack a day this was really good for me. It is now 4 weeks since I quit and those slight cravings have gone completely. I really wish I had known about this system of quitting years ago instead of wasting all that time and money on other ways of quitting smoking. I thoroughly recommend it.”
JB – Christies Beach, SA

“I must admit that when I rang you to help me stop smoking I was a bit skeptical and worried about what it would be like. The session was really good – very professional and you put all my worries at ease. 2 months smoke free and going great!”
MF – Mawson Lakes, SA

“I feel amazing! I’ve taken up walking again now that I can breathe better. My lungs no longer hurt when I breathe deep. Thanks Tony”
Jacquie – Broken Hill, NSW

“Hi – Just wanted to tell you that I quit smoking 2 years ago with you and I think it is an incredible service that you offer. I have told heaps of people about it as it was a success for me and I would say about 10 of them have been to see you and quit too! I have never smoked again(and never will) and owe it all to you. Thanks!”
DG – Victor Harbor, SA

“I had tried the patches as well as the nicotine gum. I have tried to quit so many times over the past 25 years.
Now I don’t even think about smoking. I am around smokers sometimes and it doesn’t bother me when others are smoking. I never thought I could go through a single day not thinking about cigarettes. After the session all my cravings dissipated and now I never even think about smoking. Thanks”
TC – Bayswater, WA

“I quit smoking after 17 years. This really works! I would highly recommend Tony Fox to anyone who wants to stop smoking! It has absolutely changed my life!”
KJ – Flagstaff Hill, SA

“At first I was really worried that it was going to be hard dealing with all the cravings and being moody, but that just didn’t happen. My smoking friends can’t believe how easy it was.”
OF – Parafield Gardens, SA

“I’m not smoking and your system made it incredibly easy to quit. My work mates can hardly believe that I don’t smoke any more. I’m saving heaps of money and I can feel my breath starting to come back already I feel great!”
SM – Ballarat, VIC

Quit Smoking Adelaide
or email Tony Fox directly tony@quitsmokingadelaide.com anytime 7 days a week

“I smoked two packs a day for over 20 years. The doctor had warned me many times to quit smoking and then I had a heart attack. Amazingly as soon as I got out of hospital I started smoking again. My wife found out about you from her sister who had quit smoking with you so I thought it was worth a try. The session was so much better than I expected and it’s now been over 2 months since I had a smoke. I am getting healthier and know I will never smoke again. You may just have saved my life. Thank you.”
JH – Wynn Vale, SA

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